How do we keep our Children free of Fear & Hate?

In light of the myriads of bombings and homicides perpetrated by those who delight in striking fear in the hearts of the world, I worry that innocence is losing its place fast. Everyone is talking about terrorism. At least 20 minutes of my day is spent talking about the animals, the animals’ actions or the animals’ victims. I want to ‘rise above it’ and be ‘a bigger person’ and ’embrace peace’ but Lord Jesus it’s sooo hard!  They keep getting gutsier, I keep having to shield my first from the TV so I don’t have to explain why people are lying still on the ground, I dread the day he will ask me what the word ‘terrorist’ means and what it is that such a person does. I might just break down and cry. He is just 4. Just 4. He should not know these things but it seems that the universe is intent on pushing the knowledge upon him.

I try to keep the anger on a slow burn, but sometimes it slips past my mask. Why is Book Haram using young girls as suicide bombers? Do young girls get virgins too? What does this anger do to those who live with it? What adverse effects will it have on our children? Is the next generation going to be a huge bunch of young people who will constantly fight as a result of clashing emotions of hate they have lived with and the peace taught by the books. What will have the greater effect? Actions or Words?

So how do we protect our children?


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