#Shuga…Hit or Miss?

Disclaimer: This post is basically about the show SHUGA esp. the recently concluded Season 4. It will reveal a few tidbits so if you are the type to wail about that then please go away, SHUGA no be akshun film. And if you have never watched the series (only God knows why?) then please subscribe to MTV Shuga on Youtube or mtvshuga.com

Hit or Miss?
The thousands of comments on the MTV Shuga Channel (Youtube) are evidence of an audience at loggerheads about this season’s plot and the way everything ended. It might have been just 6 episodes but as for me and mine sha, it was a hit. Maybe because I’m a Shuga fan with no apologies!
You see, Africa needs Shuga  to keep information obesity from destroying us. What do I mean? I mean that we have so much information at our fingertips. We can search for a decade’s worth of discovery in HIV /Aids, we can find centers and go for counselling, and everything else to protect us from STDs but we ignore this information. Rather, we choose to focus on material that oversexualizes our teens, makes us compromise principles that have helped keep our society standing and we have actually decided that just because everybody’s doing something means its OK.
For those who say Shuga season 4 left too many questions answered from season 3 I say they are not completely wrong;

We have no idea where Malika ( Nii’s wife in season 3) is.
Was Solomon arrested for the shootout that almost cost Sophie her life?
What happened to Ekene and his bad boy hustle?
Why was there no cliffhanger?

Sadly, the club scenes in this season are not as hot as Season 3’s club scenes.
Everyone keeps asking where Sade, Weki’s guardian/aunt is for a whole season. Duh? Tiwa Savage who plays this role is pregnant and the producers probably didn’t see the need to work in another storyline to explain the bump so she ‘took a holiday’ No big deal.
As for the fact that it was a short season…hmmm i will have to stalk the producers to find out the answer to that one. Hopefully they will bring champagne. Do we need episodes to go on forever to pass on the message?

This season was a hit because
Shuga did what it’s been doing since day 1- She opened our eyes!
Notice how I refer to Shuga as ‘she’ here? Only a woman can be this sweet and this interesting, lol (sexist much?)
Anyhoo, we learnt a lot about being pregnant from Princess and the rollercoaster emotions that comes with it. i will testify to the way Pregnancy can level even the chickiest of babes! KAI! Pregnancy I hail you! It can bring all your hustle and bubbling to a swift end and Princess learnt that the hard way.

Sophie attempted a sexlife revamp. i admire her for that. i hate how people try to make ladies think they have no right to reset their principles just because they have practiced a less-than-admirable lifestyle in the past a.k.a Runzgirl life. Why do people believe that a former Runzgirl has no right to change her ways? Who are you to judge? Judge not! Anyway you need to watch to understand Sophie-so-chick-so-fly of season 3 and Sophie now.

And then this NO means No thing is still just story to many African men even in this era. It’s like “ive bought you stuff, i pay the bills, I bought you business class tickets so you should give me something in return – Sex.” You have to doubt a man’s sanity when he’s ok sleeping with a woman who isnt 100 percent willing. Like shouldn’t that be a turn-off? If anyone comments on this post with ‘body no be firewood’ i will find you and set you on fire, Walahi…lol)

Shuga always brings it with the hottest soundtracks + live appearances. MI showed up this time. Shuga also made Sean Tizzle’s Sho lee unforgettable.

Shuga keeps reminding me that there are still tons of people walking around without any knowledge of their HIV status and many of these people are sexually active!!! Then there are the ones who know, won’t share the info, don’t care and are sexually active!!! Are thou demons? (Esp the latter group) They are the reason why anointing oil is such a great commodity in Nigeria. Kai see wickedness…

I still like the club scenes though i don’t understand why Badoo still has no age restriction and it feels like its not even being considered. Don’t they give secondary school children homework again?


I like Chris Attoh so much but i might run away the next time i see him…why do psycho roles fit him so perfectly (food for thought…lol)

I love the fact that there are fresh faces like Peace Hyde and Adesuwa Etomi…. I’m obvi biased about Adesuwa (she being QCOGA and all.)

One of my best scenes was Lolo’s scene when she asks Mary and her friend with that crazy #omg look ‘Who wants to be having the sex?’ and threatens to tell Mary’s mother. #EpicSturves. Nigerian nurses don’t play. I love their protectiveness and all but they need to be trained to handle the younger generation these days. Today’s teenagers are complete know-it-alls and shouting them down won’t stop them from going after what they want…

As a mum and a parent, it is my duty to protect my children even if I’ma look crazy doing it. I remember almost kicking a small boy one day for pushing my son on a playground. i had to take deep breaths and copy YouTube Yoga moves later. Was so mad. Anyway protection goes a lot deeper than that. There are so many Sanduskys out there waiting to prey on our kids. God help us and keep them safe but we have got to do our own part.

As for cliffhanger, all the cliffhanger you have been witnessing on Married Again, Destiny and all that Bollywood business never do una abi? Wait o! You are still here? Why aren’t you watching Shuga yet? You might want to start from Season 3 episode 1 though.

Watch and share your thoughts with me, @biodun_adebiyi & @MTVShuga

Use hashtag #MTVShuga4



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