What Costume Should Baby C Go For?

So i’m lugging it around Lagos again, swollen feet et al. its all good though. Second time is charm enough. Anyway I’ve been gorging on House of Cards and waiting for Season 4. I’m so desperate i could settle for a parody right now. Claire Underwood…hmm…are you a woman in love or a woman in love with power? Or are these two one and the same?

Spoke to the head of Baby C’s school about their upcoming costume day. the conversation was something like this-

Me: so when is career day again?

She: well it coincides with the…

Me: Oh that’s good. i can’t wait.

She: But it has to be a professional costume. like a doctor’s or an engineer’s…

Me: …Or a rock star…

She: erm no. We want professional costumes only.

Me: hackles rising rapidly + hunger pangs (White house had run out of Tuwo that afternoon) Well music is a profession. A rock star should be professional enough.

She: Shakes head

Me: Ok, How about gospel rock star then? I’ve already bought the rockstar costume.

Sometimes I’m a sucker for a good squabble. i heard that  some kid showed up last year as a Kangaroo.

Anyway I’ve spent two weeks wearing shades of blue/black/white/teal clothes as a result of my blue ombre hair. Mr H says I look like ‘that lady from X men

Take that JLaw!

i wouldn’t repeat it outside though, i had just cooked a fresh pot of eforiro so its safe to guess that he was speaking under the influence.

My freezer is so iced that I’m scared it might explode…the fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom.

…….i need to hurry and buy a costume for Baby C as soon as possible. Yeah i know i said i had already bought it…WELL I LIED, SUE ME!  : (


P.S: What costume do you think Baby C should wear that day?



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