It’s A Great Time To Turn 30

30...Not too shabby
30…Not too shabby

It’s a great time to be 30. It dawned on me while my OB/Gyn peered down Nethervands and declared it perfect. P.E.R.F.E.C.T

Haaaa. Hear that? It’s the sound that accompanies a reached destination. Walahi! When I think of how many years I’ve spent worrying and agonizing over things I can’t change I just laugh. And it’s great to be able to laugh at yourself. When last have you done that? Laughed at yourself I mean. Just sat down alone, no books, no phones, no porn…just laughed. So I turned 30 in April. Quietly. Nothing anyone expected since friends still ask me when an epic party will happen.

Not that I hate parties but I don’t like to agonize over them and spend the entire party wondering if everyone is having fun or if they will leave wondering if they should have stayed home. If Konga threw a party for me and JBL made me an awesome dress and I could just stroll in and have everyone scream Happy Birthday while successfully pretending to be surprised (Taylor Swift 101)…that would be a party I would be proud of. But it was great. Mr H was great as usual. Gave me the most fabulous present. Even after I had gracelessly turned down a supa-dupa expensive first present.

Don’t roll your eyes at me: The heart wants what the heart wants…

And Baby C was amazing too, sang and everything. And for those wanting to know how he is. Let’s just say he thinks he is a super hero. No joke! He actually walks around chanting “I’m a supahewo”. And I’m in dire straits: Am I supposed to tell him that he is not and risk hours of therapy in the future for shattered self-esteem? You know this semi-oyinbo children these days, one has to be careful. Sometimes I tell him he is not and at other times I let the universe tell him. And ole boy, the universe tells it like it is. It has told him tonight. Let’s just say he and a frozen bag of peas have started a steamy, erm no, more like a chilly relationship.

A friend who moved to new York in December asked me what to consider when choosing an Ob/Gyn. Two words to her and every other person thinking the same thing- SMALL HANDS! Everything else can wait…lol

Paix : )


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