ZOE 2014: Let’s Celebrate Greatness!


I wasn’t sure I would be at Zoe Camp until I was at Zoe Camp.

I swear. I wasn’t sure I could still do a 5hour road trip! I was definitely not prepped for 13 HOURS of  heart in mouth- It is only fair that the roads share the blame with the daredevil driver who thought it necessary to overtake huge HUGE trucks a.k.a trailers.

It was a double traffic Whammy: A church camp was scheduled to happen that night (Someone please tell these people that these programs stream online) and half of Lagos were taking trips to their roots. I like to imagine that that’s what they tell their wives when they are off looking for their mistresses… Everyone but me sha because I was @ZOECAMP2014! Hear me Roar!

Hmmm 13 Hours with my newly adopted brothers Sook and Tosin! Interesting but I kept thinking was “how do people ply these roads every other day?”  It’s like something out of a “The Mummy” movie.

I kid you not!

Ilorin! I want to wax poetic but I’ve never been able to score poetry with her. The people though, wow! They are hospitable, talented and just bursting with greatness. I have made awesome friends in that city and I’m not done yet. Thank You Zoe (every single one of you) for giving me cause to make that trip. 3 days spent with young brilliant people who believe in the sovereignty of God (The creator of heaven and earth who sent his son to die for us that we might have eternal life) Had to throw that in there for those who always need double clarity! Anyway this year’s theme was ‘Anchored’

As I was typing o, 3 days of the lushness that is ARMTI. The absence of noise and air pollution. I sound like I climbed Kilimanjaro abi? No such thing…My body still aches after the rigorous workout that our camp trainer Kazeem ** put us through. That guy is gooood and calm! Don’t you just love it when a trainer observes more than he talks? Empty barrels make the most noise.

Go and find him people…Go ye forth and find him.

On Y Va

(In Wolf Blitzer’s Voice)- Speaking at this year’s Zoe event were:

SOOK, a lawyer, producer & mid-level professional

Davis King who is a recording artiste and a doctor

And Biodun Adebiyi – Dapherede who is a writer, HR consultant and Business Communicator. She also has to journey far into the Sambisa Forest before unleashing her Oh-God-Why voice and many a showerhead have quit on her after a song or two.

And of course I dare not forget Mr & Mrs Oluwole who have an uncanny marital resemblance to Mr H and I. So alike its strange! Anyhoo, y’all should have been there. It was 5 shades of awesome. They are undoubtedly the funniest couple I’ve met. Mrs Kemi Oluwole runs Total Events, a popular event outfit that caters to the rich and famous. Her advice was sooo real. Very different from what most women will tell you about marriage.

It was fun speaking on the subject- Career & a Culture of Excellence. The participants were engaging and supersmart plus we had fun with presentations and music. I enjoyed the one on one sessions with them and we spent time bonding over career, marriage and dreams. Plus i got to hear some mindblowing ideas and I can’t wait for them to get launched.

It took a lot to wrench myself away but I came out of ARMTI even more blessed than I went into it. Plus I had major junkfood withdrawal. Kai! Kazeem; you showed me pepper and my bones testify! I should have adultnapped him and blackmailed him into becoming my personal trainer and hidden him in the basement so no one would find him and then starve him until he complies…

Hmmm! Alas I digress.


Zoe is a group of young people: students, ex students and friends of students who are serious about living godly lives and achieving greatness! They have a mentor and friend in Mayowa Gidado, founder of Zoe. He is also a Public Relations Expert, a tutor and occasionally serves as a Master of Ceremonies at weddings of lucky couples.

PhotoCred: BanjyteImagery


3 thoughts on “ZOE 2014: Let’s Celebrate Greatness!”

  1. I got to town very late. The plan was to go straight to camp but there was no way I was going to bother anyone with my needs that late. Yeah, after a 4-hour-turned-13-hour-trip, anyone would have needs.
    I needed a hot hot hot bath, hot food, plenty meat, something soft, cold and non-carbonated, my mummy and my bed. So, I went home. Got there at about 10pm.
    I woke up on Sunday morning and thought ‘maybe I shouldn’t even go, after all it will end tomorrow’, but I ended up going ‘cos I wanted to see my sisters before going back to Lagos on Monday…
    I’m glad I went. In the short time I was there, yeah, I saw my sisters but beyond that, I was oh so edified,re-energised and fired-up for the task ahead. I had fun (I even acted in a *what’s that thing we did called again?*…lol). and I met THE Biodun Adebiyi Bro Mayor had made me read a couple of times.
    The same woman whose ‘realness’, depth, creativity, wit I have a great deal of respect for. As soon as I got in, Juliet (my sister) pointed at her and said “can you believe she’s married and is a mum?”…
    Dear gorgeous amazing good-cop woman of God, thank you for coming to zoe. It was so nice to meet you. May God keep you and all yours ever so freshly blessed.
    (please excuse my loooooooong a** comment :))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm…Zoe…how do I describe it? Words fail me…is a place to be real and have fun in His prescence. Mrs B…one word…real!!! God bless you ma…


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