Is This How To Spell Micheal Jackson?

Working Lagos III….You are a sick person, if you want to save childs just fight for their cause, you don’t need to write a whole disgusting post comparing crimes and trying to tell people that being homo and robbery are fine.

I know how people like you think, they’re just being hypocrite all the time and making the “show” by talking about childs and women abuse while they don’t care at all, all they care about is misleading people and trying to convince them that your pervy life worthes trying. – Castro

Thanks Castro honey, I don’t know what part of Latin America you crawled out from but you should crawl back. You should. And if grace abounds, you should stay there. Permanently. (Reader, visit my post Now That The Anti-Gay Fiasco Is Just Beginning)


On y Va….so, as y’all know, Yours Truly is in Lagos Nigeria and the year is coming to an end again. As much as I love year endings, they also force me to consider the passing of time and this musing always ends with me jiggling my arm fat in front of the mirror and mentally humming Katy Perry’s Roar.

Anyway Year-endings make me so nostalgic and I always find myself missing things or people and right now I’m longing for good music. Clean music. Music with thought. That speaks to your inner self.

The one that only peeks out when we are entirely sober.

The one that we yell. drink and fight to quell. Yes that one. The voice of reason that tells us to get off our butts and do IT. IT is the new book, the degree we are overdue for. The new job, the friendship we should be mending, sorries we should be saying.

That’s IT.

Anyway the world is worse off because Michael Jackson a.k.a M.J is not with us anymore. I miss his ‘exactness’.  The perfection. The fluidity of thought present in his music. And a part of me feels sorry for anyone that had to live with him.  I can only imagine what that must have been like. Like you had to look the sun in the eyes every single day.

Talk about pressure! How do you impress someone like that? Yet exactness and the pursuit of perfection and all the fluidity in the world does not promise true fulfillment. Think about that (How’s this for a teachable moment, reader?)

Speaking of being impressed…Somewhere in this world, Castro something, who left his animal droppings in the comment section of this hallowed blogspace of mine is suitably impressed because ive given him enough of my time…and space.

Ye are welcome son.




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