Ebola is killing people In Nigeria.

Hi, its me biodun and I’ve been AWOL.Stop. I’m in Lagos Nigeria.Stop. I am in West Africa. Everyday i wakeup I’m doubly thankful I’m not sick. Stop.

These days security personnel walk around with small gadgets aimed at us to check our temperatures. My heart skips a beat everytime I look into its yellowish greenish screen.

‘Normal’ they say, with an odd grin. What is normal about living in the Ebola era? What is normal about schools closed down till further notice or eyebrows raised when someone coughs on the bus. A state hospital emptied rapidly yesterday just because there was a suck guy who was vomiting violently or something.

Last week, some politician spoke to the press and referred to Nigeria as the first African country to experience Ebola and become Ebola-free. Was he high on something? Is there another Nigeria in the galaxy? Perhaps in an alternate universe? Aww shit, I miss Fringe!

Will it get worse before it gets better? Will Baby C reme mber the Ebola era?
Ebola is killing people. It’s true and I don’t doubt that the west would turn their backs on us in a heartbeat.
And they have. And you have. And it’s okay.
It’s about time you went about your merryway


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