Watch That Gap!

watch that gap

You know how when you were young, you would totally put your hand over a flame just to feel a burn? Oh you don’t? So it was just me then. Anyhow so i shouldn’t have felt too bad when Baby C insisted that he wanted to not watch this gap.(i mean that gap in the picture…)

That gap that gives me the jitters when I’m in New York because, as my mother says, the crazy people in that place equal the crazies around the world. We are still on the survey though. What is it that makes Kids want to test limits so baddddd? Like choosing a quiet moment on the plane to let out a stinking fart or giving you the runaround in front of a group of judgy judgy mums.

I guess I will never know. Mr H says we have to just let kids be so they can find themselves. Find themselves in the gap staring down a monstrous train, I say. But I get it though.

I get it but I can’t get my heart to accept it. And that’s o.k cos thats what mums do


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