Is 2014 The ‘Ultimate Drama’ Year?

2014_largeHa ha ha ha. was that a laugh or an extended sigh you are probably asking. I’m as unsure as u are though but if i was to choose, it would be a sigh. a loong sigh. Too much has gone down between January and this month. Sheez! Lets see—-

Moved back from Korea with my family. Had to keep explaining to everyone that Dennis Rodman


and I are not an item and we did not do the North Korea trip to see Kim Jung Porky, together.

Started work after one year of ghost blogging, publishing my first book My First Mugshot, shopping, hanging out with girls and virtually living in the Seoul subway. Let’s not even mention the major Korea withdrawal i experienced which i never expected. I should have been happy that i was finally in stores where people were not pointing at me and saying sorry “your size, no” to me but instead I miss it. What kind of person am I.
My big brother gifting me with EACH & EVERY BOOK from the Game of Thrones Series. What can I say? Heaven on earth.
Anyway then there was the comedian, Basketmouth ‘s joke and Nigerian women virtually tearing him apart which was funny. And a tad ridiculous. I’ve never considered any comedian a role model and I think it would be ridiculous to do so but to each his own. Women lets channel our energy and chakra into worthwhile battles like….hmmmm…let me think on that one. Then there was flight 370 and its amazing disappearance that only makes me miss The 4400 so much but thank God there’s resurrection now though. Its not like I watch TV at all cos i virtually live online but at least If i want to, i know it will be there waiting for me. Thanks Primewire….lol…Disclaimer.
Then the shootings that have been going on…the stabbings courtesy Slenderman…Did I also mention that mum has said that Flight 370 is probably in the Marine Kingdom and we would always joke about it. Cos anytime I think of a marine kingdom I think of perfect women with perfect bodies and hot guys ….what am I saying (Looking right and left for any hint of Mr H) anyway I wouldn’t want to go there, I might be relegated to holding up the mirror for one of them princesses. These days we don’t argue with her about the existence of this kingdom sha. How can we? When all the G.I Joes in this world cannot find the plane. My heart goes out to the affected families. How will they ever stop looking for their loved ones in every shop window, in the street or in crowded places? I don’t know. It seems worse than death to me.
Boko Haram, the kidnapped Chibok girls, the Nyaya Bombings and all these massacres. The Nigerian government showing us the best way to get your people to lose faith in your ability to ensure their safety. #Bringbackourgirls
The first lady’s crying video which brough Nigerians much needed comic relief. Na only you waka come….hmmmm. Please Guys where can I get that #DiarisGod Tshirt? At least she helped our GDP abi?
I must not forget the mayoral elections in my city, the sophisticated name-calling btw Jefferies and Baraka and the silly dude coming to press my bell yesterday to tell me that the mayor wants me to come out and vote. #NabyForce? Lets just say I played my Swahili and Yoruba mixtape for him…The lyrics are best left unwritten here on my blog. (Snowden has given us the down-low so we need to be very chilled these days)
Finally got around to asking if I was adopted. Don’t ask.
Ehen Tiwa Savage’s Wanted video

…Hmm, the kain argument that this video has been causing among Nigerians in Diaspora is just too he-he-he-hilarious.

Lamido Sanusi becoming Emir of Kano. I still bif the guy for what he did to Nigerian Banks plus the huge unexplainable chip on his shoulder and I wish these Ostrich plumage shoes
ostrich plumage shoes
on his feet would bite him but all in all I’m always happy when others move forward so…
Sanusi FC 1: Jonah United 0
Then there was Donald Sterling’s drama and Stiviano, his Silly Rabbit’s stupid display.
silly rabbit
At least Visor makers can give their employees good bonuses this midyear.
Then there was Ukraine and Putin’s Saga. There was the sunken ship from Jeju island. Don’t you get it? It’s been one tragedy to the next. Pain and even more pain. So the littlest things, Baby C actually aiming at the Potty and scoring, Amazon shipping that actually gets to me on time, a dress i last wore in 2011 fitting me like a glove this year, all of it…are all miracles now. Learning to count my blessings grain by grain.
*My brother’s getting hitched this weekend (will not include venue cos some readers might crash the Party)
*My mum turned 16 today. (which would make me an unborn baby, a little cherub complete with trumpet and curls, sitting at the feet of the lord. Remind me again, why did i leave all of that luxury to come down to earth?)
*I actually slept for 8 hours last night
So there, miracle galore!
cupcakes….Thanks for not running away! lol
P.S: its too early to be calling this year ‘a year of drama and disappearance but i think its pretty close. What do you think? Should we do it or wait till we do this again in December.

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