The Secret Lives of Cody’s Wives

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Cody’s Wives


*Mar 08 - 00:10*


“But na wah o, how can your people see fire, carry it and place it on their heads?”

I couldn’t stop myself from asking a Kenyan friend of mine when I heard the latest, likely final, saga of their polygamy drama! I just couldn’t help it.

I’m sorry, getting carried away again.

Wait o! Which one is sorry? THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG O…ALL BETS ARE OFF!

Let me put it this way hmmmm, I’m barely 110lbs now. Yeah * told you I could do it*

Anyway I digress. So I’m quite small and my idea of a fair fight would be something heavy in my hand connecting with something fragile enough to give an assailant a headache, however I’m beginning to think that there might be no need for that nightstick after all. (Children, Say No To Violence. Wait o! What are children doing here?).

All I have to do is conjure up an old Yoruba movie in my mind, imagine some old folks coming to my house to recite proverbs and chant sayings about good wives and the rewards of patience. All things a trained parrot can supply and telling me to open my arms of love and embrace some woman a.k.a Second Wife

#Pow… Popeye energy straight up!

But why now? Why will a person see a rabid dog and proceed to touch its tail?

Why would a man want to marry more than one wife?

  • More than one woman to tell you that you don’t love her enough
  • Two women to yell at your inability to pee straight
  • 3 to keep reminding you about the toilet seat been up or down
  • Do you really need more than one woman asking you what you’ll like to eat?
  • Guilt tripping you? You might as well launch your Guilt Trip Travel Agency and call it a damn day. Sheeeeez!

It’s the very reason why Cody’s Wives …popularly known as Sister Wives amazes me. Then that they try to hoodwink their viewers with all that love & peace crap. Are people actually buying it?

Are these the same people who sell their property every year believing that the world is coming to an end according to some ancient calender? Ohhh, they are?

Pshaww That kinda explains it.

Last time I checked, Cody had four wives, acting like it was O.k for their husband to share himself among them every night, hour, week? Like they weren’t jealous or didn’t feel territorial or didn’t want their children to have enough time with their dad. Worse still, acting like they don’t know how much embarrassment their kids have to consume at school.

I’m thinking the kids should riot…they are more than enough to be taken seriously.

Anyway, so Kenya has passed their polygamy bill into law and I have only tears to offer those who are rubbing their hands in gleeful victory…not because I have tons laid up but because I have seen what Polygamy can do, its consequences churn all around loved ones of mine. I have seen happy families torn apart and kind women become embittered because of it.

The law says that their men can marry any number of women they want. Lol. My forefathers must have felt the glee too before their hearts started to fail and they began to understand the term “woman scorned”

This article reports that “The initial bill had given a wife the right to first approve of the husband’s choice, but male members of parliament overcame party divisions to push through a text that dropped this clause.”

I had to laugh at that one, looks like the men retained a bit of sense, they didn’t need Gandalf to tell them that if the wife has to approve then they had better #faggedaboutit.

It also says “When the bill was passed last month, female members of parliament stormed out of the session in fury after a heated debate.”




How long do we have to exist to understand that you must never turn your back on a rival in a gun fight? Walked out? Really?

And finally this “The bill has been decried by many civil groups including National Council of Churches in Kenya (NCCK) and Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA Kenya).”

Churches and Lawyers…You know there’s fire on the mountain when these two get together. Is there hope?

Will those in favour recover from whatever sickness ails them?

It’s a dark day in Africa

(Music, something mournful, no not that Celtic stuff! What does a girl have to do to hire good service around here? Sheesh)

Are we progressing, Africa? Or is it a One Step forward Two Steps Back dance?







2 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of Cody’s Wives”

  1. The worst thing a man can ever do to himself is to marry two wives. The implications may not seem obvious at the beginning, but he will suffer the consequences in his old age. If you happen to be a victim of a failed marriage please think twice be4 remarrying o. Our forefathers did it out of necessity i.e having enough people to farm……. But nowadays, men are doing it so they have different women servicing their u know what… God help the Cody family and all of us who hail from a polygamous family o. Amen


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