On African Dads, Pranking & How-to React To Pregnancy News

So I’ve been wanting to post about this since I saw it a couple of months ago.

Spoiler Alert: McDonald employees who watch this video are liable to feel depressed

It is so far the only video that my mum and I agree is hilarious. I wouldn’t go so far as to show it to my dad though. Ha ha ha. I will be getting the third degree on even laughing about it.

Plus I will probably be an earful about raising kids and how I ought to raise Baby C in Nigeria so he doesn’t end up sagging his pants and pranking me too about getting some teen girl pregnant.



Let us not even approach that topic.

Anyway I loved that he made us laugh about how no nonsense our culture is about certain things. Other things that split my side’s were:

The way he called his dad. It was almost like “dad come I want to talk to you” I was like “Nibo? Call my dad to talk to him! Then not even that he should take two footsteps o! COME DOWNSTAIRS!

Couldn’t do that when I was sixteen and def. can’t do that now.

He would just be like maybe I’ve been receiving secret parcels of weed from Colorado. Lol.

Then the way Eman’ s Pop immediately calls for his mum. Why do dads do that. Or is it just African dads? Thank God for Mama Kellam, she was out if not she for don hear am!

Then the way Dad goes ‘the white one’ ? Definitely the fact that she’s white is ermmmm not ideal. Guess dad had felt a bit calm after finding the condoms in his room that nothing would happen.

Why is that dads have no problem with a boy having condoms in his room yet they would do backflips and a cartwheel if it turned up in their daughter’s room?

Will this double standard ever stop? (Rhetorical question) let it only stop after my daughter is married….

Anyway Daddy Kellam showed us he’s a ” True son of the soil” when he mentioned ‘Apostle’ and ‘taking him back to Nigeria’


LMAO. One would think he would even be a Stowaway or in the Cargo hold but noooo

. Thanks sweet Pa. Kellam for a FIRST CLASS tix for a 6 hour flight to give him more leg room.

I understand why people want to send their children home when I see kids here whose mouths can open for Candy but not to say good morning. Or middle school kids who whistle at my backside when I go to pick my boy up from school.

Or the ones in high school  with beards that make me think of rotten food and garbage. The list is endless. I get it. I think of all the almond trees in my estate with branches that make juicy canes. And I feel their pains lol. I wont even wait till we enta house. Lailai. Na for airport I go call Jumia to buy longgggg cane! Remember when they used to sell canes outside some schools and we wud be praying our mum would not see those wicked sellers by fire! But imagine this conversation over drinks.

“So what do you do?”

Im in the flogging Industry”

But its all good sha. Na the practice wey help Lupita prepare for that 12 Years A Slave role.

Besides parents need to stop telling their kids that their lives and prospects are over when they make mistakes like that.

Yes their lives might have just got like a 100 times harder but it is still far from over.

Eman Kellam strikes me as a good kid,though mischievous.

Maybe dad is right. He does need to go to Nigeria. When he’s done with school though.

We need our creative minds back home.


P.S : was wondering when the cane would show up! Learn from Pa. Kellam y’all. When live gives you lemons, make lemonade. When London trees can’t produce cane, use oyinbo broom.

Na so!




5 thoughts on “On African Dads, Pranking & How-to React To Pregnancy News”

  1. Biodun, I laughed so hard my tummy ached when I saw this video! But it shows what values we hold in Africa and the plenty drama attached to issues. I particularly wondered at the father’s reaction after he understood he was being pranked . The curses! I think parents have to chill a bit when handling some outrageous things kids do. He almost had an heart attack!
    Finally, if eniola or Ephraim tries to prank me! They become their own landlord that day! #eyesrollingseriously


    1. Lmao at the landlord line. Landlord of the balcony I guess. Why are parents quick to curse their inlaws side when things happen. You never see them curse at their own side. So funny.
      That kind of prank enh. I would have used that camera as his meat inside Efo Elegusi


  2. Hilarious! The boy has no respect o! Asked his dad to come downstairs cos he wants to talk to him. I can’t even do that at my present age (maybe it would work if M pregnant).
    Typical African dad, I liked his reaction but he could have just dazed the boy slap before looking for something to flog him with. Lol. Lol @ all his body itching him cos of the news.


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