To Quit: Admitting I’m not the Ms. Untouchable


I’m invincible. Untouchable and no one can hurt me.

Nothing can get past my barriers.

That’s what I like to tell myself.


When in actual sense, I bruise easily and your hurt keeps me up at night.

Come to think of it , I need all the energy I expend lying to myself; that I don’t care

I NEED IT, so in the spirit of energy conservation,

I want to-quit pretending, that I don’t hurt when people tout lies about me.

When some refuse to support others trying to make a difference in our world

When I don’t get something I know I deserve,

When people can one-up me because we know who their fathers are


When I love you and you don’t love me back

when you can’t see past the colour of my skin

When suffering and death become the order of the day

When protectors become parasites.


Maybe admitting I’m not Ms. Untouchable will also keep people from asking stupid questions

like ”why do you care?”

and keep me from stupidly agreeing that I shouldn’t.


My heart goes out to every one who lost loved ones in the Immigration incident in Nigeria last week. As well as those who barely escaped with their lives that day and walked away from that incident alive but traumatized.┬áIt was a horrible tragedy and I hope that it’s horrible enough to keep something like that from happening again.


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