Ears That Never Stop.

So it’s been like 6 days since the Malaysian flight just up and disappeared and showed us just how good Hollywood is.

Turns out even though Hollywood makes it seem like anything can happen and everything is possible via tech, it isn’t.

it isn’t and so now i have to worry about Harry Potterish planes, while I’m worrying about Baby C’s plane antics, winding queues at plane privies and keeping close tabs on suspicious guys’ packages to make sure no newly brainwashed groundhog has strapped a bomb to his whatnot…

So i heard 2 dudes talking. One was asking the other “So where is the Malaysian flight?”

I had to lean in cos I was really puzzled. Like you mean there’s someone here in Jersey who knows where the flight is and shamans are busy fasting in Malaysia to no avail?

Anyway the other guy nodded with major seriousness and responded.

“The plane is missing” he said, shaking his head. This happened yesterday, the 12th of March. The plane been missing since last week.

I don’t know if those guys were even sober.

Anyway I’m suffering from major Korea withdrawal. After months and months of groaning about having to learn the language and how i can’t wait to be back in the U.S and all that crunk. I miss Suwon so much. The stores in Seoul. The futuristic fashion, the attention to detail, subway markets, turning my nose up at Octopus…the list is endless. Plus all my friends.

Who knew?

My heart goes out to every single person with a loved one on that plane. I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like to keep waiting with bated breath to know if your loved one still lives. I pray something good happens soon.


5 thoughts on “Ears That Never Stop.”

  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t Hollywood. There (Hollywood) anything can happen – I mean the re-surfacing of the plane within minutes – not here in the real world such things don’t happen.
    theories everywhere!!!

    Very disheartening though that this is taking too long to resolve with US and China boasting of advancement in technology and the hi-Tech prospects (I thought this would have been a cake-meal) there is still a long way to go.

    We hope for the best.


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