When I die I want to be remembered for making people laugh. For stories that make people stop and think, pause or skip a beat. For my insistence on dancing even though I’m terrible at it and it humiliates my loved ones. For chasing love every single time and not bolting whenever happiness shows its face. For my crazy wanderlust (that my friend Pepi likes to call ‘Rollin’ Tyre‘).

My role in putting an end to the marriage of girls who barely know what direction their sanitary pads oughta be facing. my contribution to entrepreneurship around the globe and the value I’ve added to the careers of others. i want to be remembered as a great partner( though unorthodox) an awesome overloving mum and an unforgettable advocate!

They will look at my pictures and say ‘She was just an awesome chick, that one.’

And just in case none of this happens, then maybe ‘those whom it may concern’ will pick a small hall, call it an intimate affair so the empty seats won’t be too obvious and just have a slideshow of my good-hair days(few and far between that they are).

I like the idea of a colour coded affair for a wake so maybe I will leave a DVD will thingy insisting that everyone wear like Canary Yellow or some kind of garish Pink.

As a last hurrah.

Or not. And as this is not a Death post per se, I would really like to know what people would remember me for when I’m tied up in BDSM heaven.


Got inspired to do this legacy post when Philip Seymour Hoffman passed and I’ve been mulling over it since then.



2 thoughts on “LEGACY”

  1. hmmn this geh! Everything is noted but you still have lots of yrs ahead so am sure the colour code will change! Very reflective post . Why people don’t want to die , I don’t know even when its obvious they are not relevant . The key thing is for everyone to discover and pursue purpose . That way, all will die as celebrities!


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