Wendy Williams scared me.

Wendy Wiliams
Wendy Wiliams

I’m awake half the night, mastering the art of chewing silently from my secret snack jar which once contained wheat pretzels AND staring at my beautiful baby.

Obsessing over his first day at school, the hairless patch at the back of his head,his smallest toes with their funnily bent nails AND his future.

I know. Worry wart, Worry is a rocking chair, Blah. Blah. Blah. But isn’t that what mums do? I think about all the grief I gave my mum and how she handled me like the genius, No-B.S mum that she is. I tell myself that I won’t put pressure on Baby C regarding what clubs to join at school or what path to follow in his career. I touch his face and swear I will be the coolest mum in his high school and the perfect MIL. I make all these promises late in the night and SWEAR with the moon and stars as my witnesses…but then morning comes. And Kpsheww! Who am I kidding na? I have all the characteristics of a Mumzilla. Control freak, Pro Worried, Obsessive Saviour Complex and I believe that children should eat their vegetables (imagine if Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray made a baby? That would be me) Plus I will probably have no problem going through his closet hunting for contraband….

That’s why Wendy scared me half to death when she cried on her show. She talked about her son not liking her and talking to her like she’s some angry black woman. Or that’s what it sounded like to me. I almost dissolved into tears and God knows that I’m not a ‘dissolver’.

Is that going to be me fast forward 10, 11 years? I asked myself. Am I going to be the bad guy because I will make him do chores or be responsible? Probably.

But then again, my mum must have gone through the same phase while I strutted around acting like she was the enemy and my dad was the next best thing since Cable TV. Maybe I will give the Eazybreezy mum routine a trial when the time comes, or maybe not. I guess loving, caring and just been nosy is a parent’s 411 and gratitude should not be expected.

Thanks Wendy for the Heads Up.

My dad turned 70 today. Yippee!!! He is an awesome Grandpa, he’s in excellent health and he constantly worries about the dire global consequences that may arise from me not making my bed in the mornings. Cos that’s what parents do!


Photo Credits: HelloBeautiful.com


2 thoughts on “Wendy Williams scared me.”

  1. We’ll ve to take it a step @ a time. Guess parenthood is thus wired! But look @ how well we came out, i believe we wil do a better job.


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