I haven’t done a TO-QUIT post in a long while. And it’s not because I’ve become the epitome of perfection.

Not that at all, in fact…

Anyway, Baby C is battling the flu right now and it’s been anything but easy. Having kids is such an emotional coaster ride and sometimes us mums have to grow a couple more sets of skins to handle it all. In the process, we tend to forget that it’s o.k.

It’s o.k to be weak.

To be tired.

To feel alone or resentful.

Or hurt. That sometimes we feel like the world is on our shoulders.

I stand in front of my mirror at the day’s end willing my aching bones to be whole again.

‘I’m a strong black woman…I’m a strong black woman…’

A strong black woman that forgets what her own laughter sounds like, who finds hugging awkward and feels ashamed to be in love.

Much good that kind of strength will do me.

Need to let go of that, Pronto!


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