Now that the Anti-gay fiasco is just beginning…


I know a good number of men who are extremely disgusted by homosexuality. They will refuse to wear certain ‘gay’ colours and they will be quick to dish out punchesThey are horrified by the thought of two guys in love or in bed yet they  never take lesbianism seriously. It’s almost like they don’t even see it as something worth talking about. As far as they are concerned, Lesbians are just been silly. They have never had real men. They probably have strains of mental illness running in their families. Once, I heard a dude say lesbians need a good “flogging”. And by flogging, he meant rape.

Rape is not a thing to be trifled with. I have since deleted him from the wall of my life.

Yesterday I saw that a friend had come out on Facebook. It shocked me to the bone. I kept saying “I can’t believe it” over and over. I was winded and I wasn’t even walking. I felt like someone had bodyslammed me and I kept wondering if I was the only one who hadn’t known.

Why do I care that I hadn’t known?

Thank God for blogosphere, can’t imagine the quality of eyerolls I would get if I was having this talk with an actual human being.

It’s not like we were ever best buddies, making midnight calls and arm wrestling but we have shared smokes, I’ve wrangled an old trusty lighter of his and now it sits in lucky wrap in a lucky box. Now I’m peeling yam and nicking my finger while mentally hunting for signs of his sexual preferences I must have missed.


Why does it even matter to me?

Guess I’m not as on-the-fence as I thought. I was shocked by the seriousness with which Nigerian lawmakers went about turning the anti-gay bill into law.

It was amazing. The seriousness, the conviction they displayed and the haste. Three characteristics that are hardly, if ever, linked to Nigerian lawmakers. I only wish they could display such diligence in the case of child brides. A cruelty that is just as terrible as the recruitment of child soldiers. It makes me wonder what female lawmakers, so-called first ladies and female activists are doing in Nigeria. They seem to have become sitting ducks in a culture that has no respect for women and their role in society. Sitting on the fence can be dangerous and it’s costing millions their lives every year. Hate too.

Aside from the strangeness of having homosexuality acknowledged, and the deep rooted belief that it is a sexual perversion, many Nigerians are scared that the combination of a corrupt police force and hate borne out of ignorance will turn this anti-gay law business into a rubbish heap of finger pointing and politics.

Yup. Looks like they have cause to be scared.

Come on, it’s the same police force that shoots randomly at public transport buses and boys playing in the streets. Are they going to be educated? Will they be made to understand why this is even a crime? Lawmakers must realise that law is a big deal and that it must come with education to ease it’s way. We have a judicial system in place and yet people still get burned for stealing in NIgerian cities.


Ladies are stripped naked and beaten within an inch of their lives for stealing smart phones.


For this anti-gay law passed, there were a thousand other laws that could have been passed that would make every Nigerian sleep with both eyes closed.

#childnotbride was shot down mercilessly in 2014 but the campaign to stop old perverts from buying children and ruining their lives in the name of marriage will continue this year and I hope that lawmakers will show the same diligence that was shown as regards the anti-gay law in Nigeria.



5 thoughts on “Now that the Anti-gay fiasco is just beginning…”

  1. You are a sick person, if you want to save childs just fight for their cause, you don’t need to write a whole disgusting post comparing crimes and trying to tell people that being homo and robbery are fine.

    I know how people like you think, they’re just being hypocrite all the time and making the “show” by talking about childs and women abuse while they don’t care at all, all they care about is misleading people and trying to convince them that your pervy life worthes trying.


  2. Lol. It’s okay to wonder or ponder but don’t dwell on it. I’d still frown at the whole ‘gay’ thingy not only cos I don’t comprehend how they got to that point but for the ”wrongness” of it. The tale of ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ isn’t a myth. That land falls alongside other perished nations and it still exists till this day.
    Meanwhile what is the marriageable age in this century (I am serious)? Don’t think I have really given it a thought. In those days once you have seen your period you are ripe for marriage but in these days when is it. I think the ‘child not bride’ law can take off from that point.
    I saw a picture of a pregnant 11 year old (butter looking girl) on the net last week, she looked older than her age as they do these days and past her 1st trimester. Whoever published was asking for advice on whether they should abort. She is a Nigerian. All I could think of is what the risks are involved when she wants to put to bed considering her age although a bit matured body.
    Anyway, It’s nice dropping several lines. This should be the longest I have ever typed on any blog. (No time for spell check. .. ciao)


      1. Lol,
        And lol again cos i am just reading your reply after nearly 4 weeks. Anyway, now that the henna has been done, I hope you have gotten it out of your system. And why am I synonymous with henna? Well, for the obvious reason ‘I am connected. Lol’


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