#Things I Abhor

leashLeashes were intended for dogs to keep them in line and harnesses, well I know they are used for mules, horses and the likes. I still can’t wrap my head around a leash for kids though. Mums want to keep their kids safe and erase any chance of a drunk driver plowing into their precious little ones yet I can’t help thinking that the leash is a sign of a greater ill in the developed world. One where it is o.k to pay less attention especially where some contraption for the purpose has been invented.

In many parts of the world with the busiest streets you can ever imagine, there are no lights, no cops, empty traffic police boxes, nobody, just mad honkers and Okada riders. Moms clutch their children tightly to weave between busy streets. Children clutch their mums too, have no doubt about that. Their mums have taken the time out of their busy schedule to scare their children sufficiently enough about people, cars and the dynamics when the two physically connect.

Guess what?

It works.

I don’t abhor the leash because it is obviously something some frustrated stay-at-home dad came up with. Hell, I want to invent some kind of straitjacket for babies too. Soft, cushy but strait-jackety too so I can fry my Shaki in peace and I can pick Beans without him trying to swallow them! Yet, contraptions like the leash and the harness keep us from realizing just how unique our children are. They are little men and women who need guidance, a firm hand and not an embarrassment they will never live down when ”leash pictures” show up in their future.

They need your time, they need you to point at the lights and talk about them, whisper about cars and talk about the streets. With every contraption Amazon touts, our kids get farther away from us.

A leash will only work for so long.


One thought on “#Things I Abhor”

  1. Agree entirely.

    When our kids were little, we didn’t have stair-gates and guards and all these things and yet we didn’t have the type of accidents and injuries as most kids whose parents have kitted out the house with immense levels of safety equipment.

    We didn’t have a pram / buggy / stroller or whatever for them either because once they were old enough to walk, they walked. Not on a leash either. They walked with us and held the hand of the adult they were with and that was it.

    I often think when I see a kid being taken out on a lead rein walk, “What are you going to do with him in another few years?”


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