DP Prompt -Truth



You would have to agree

that you touched me there

And that it was dark

but not so dark that you did not see yourself

clamber into my bed.

You would have to remember

your hands ran through my hair

that you said “I love u”

in my ear

That the next morning

what you felt

was not love

Only fear

I would have to admit

that your touch was a cleansing fire

and you seemed like

an answer to prayer

That my thoughts drift there

when it’s peaceful and quiet

and I’m not ready

to let go of the feel of your hands on my breast yet.

That I was the one who labelled you lesbian

called you a freak and pretended oblivion

You would have to know

that I set the snare

The truth is overrated or so I hear.

I would have to look

myself in the eye.


But I haven’t done that in 7 years.


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