Beauty and the Price

I never agree that I am beautiful. Or that I could be. That there’s the tiniest chance of it. So I never talk about it. And I always make sure to proclaim the importance of earthiness in a woman. You know, that kind of beauty they say is so natural and so real. Which I personally just consider quite scary. Seriously! The last thing I want to hear after plastering on wrapping and wearing “rouge” (overdosed on The Paradise for Murray’s sake this month) is that I have an earthy beauty! Come on! I might as well start making special potions complete with dust herbs and a day old…..

Anyhow,let’s not kick a dog that’s already down. I stepped up my warpaint a.k.a make up routine in 2013. I added primer. Which turned out to be a disaster since primer matching my skin colour is practically nonexistent in korean makeup stores. I ended up looking like something from one of these weird haute couture shoots(the ones no-one gets but everyone pretends to appreciate?)

I ditched primer. It still has a special place in my purse though.

Gotta love Korea. You either step up your game or look like Ms. Frumpy.  S. Korea could probably convert the craziest ‘natural beauty advocate’ into a beauty blogger with its plethora of amazing make up houses and products. The guys aren’t sleeping too. (Though I still think there’s something creepy about guys wearing warpaint but hey!

Anyway I also added face masks to enhance , ermmm pores, molecules,? You get the message. Turns out it has other uses. Like getting Baby C to settle down for like 5 minutes.



KINDLE_CAMERA loo_1378104030000




The mask I’m wearing in this picture is the Snail mask. Once I got over wearing snail slime or whatnot on my face, I got in line. I also love The Face Shops’ Aloe, Honey and Avocado masks.




Plus I hear these masks enhances beauty by like 4%!

Who am I to say No to a 4 percent? I don’t see “earthy” women taking over the world…no sir…or taking selfies with Obama.


P.s: I’m not a beauty blogger o! So these are just my thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Price”

  1. Just so you know: you ARE beautiful. You should know that. And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m from South Africa and missed my sisters of colour. I mean it! Whereabouts are you. We should do a combined blog. I’m out in Incheon.


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