I am of a dying breed. And it’s not just because I share similar diction with some of the cast at Downton Abbey.

I cannot seem to get any writing done without Pen and paper. I’ve always done pen on Paper, on the bus, walking in the street, in the dark when something comes to me and I reach for the pad underneath my pillow.

So now I’m that weird girl writing on the bus, on a bench at the park and at weddings.

I need to get over it. It always makes for longer drafts since I have to type all my stories after writing and rewriting on paper. A friend says I’ve been holding on to pen on Paper because I hate change. I don’t know about that though.

I think it’s just a writing ritual that became so normal that it’s hardly a ritual anymore. It’s just me.

How to let go of you? Any thoughts?

To Quit in 2014.




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