Thanks but No Thanks Barack Obama!

I do not like Selfies. I never seem to get them right. My cheeks always end up looking blown out and my edges are right in your face, so clear you can pick at them. I hate Selfies cos I haven’t been able to master them. This makes me feel old, bitter and just plain ticked off so I tell people that Selfies are childish and that they are narcissistic and that they take attention away from things that matter like War, starving children in America, Slow motion presidents, the homeless and Nigerian politicians with burly bodyguards who push you like you are a gnat. And I was gaining ground. People were listening to me. Hell, they were beginning to believe me! Then comes President Obama with all his dwindling influence and that knowing smile at Mandela’s memorial service nonetheless and i can already see my life’s work unraveling before my eyes. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is going to be taking Selfies anyywhere from now on. No holds barred.

They’ll be like ‘Well, Obama did it!”

Seriously though, I would think that taking a Selfie during a service would be regarded as no less ridiculous than bitchslapping someone in the pews while a wedding is being conducted. It was a total show of bad taste and another time the president has forgotten that he is leader of the free world and not a movie star. His words at the service were touching and poignant but they are not trending right now.

His Selfie is.

Which goes further to pinpoint the problem with the world as it is now. This event was to signify a passing in the ranks of greats like Martin Luther King, the power of a man that brought so many great people to S.A, haters and hatees, side by side to pay respects but even that is been slightly diminished.

A Selfie at a M.S is narcissistic and maybe Obama’s actions actually prove my point. There’s something about this Selfie business that makes people completely oblivious to where they are and who is watching. We must not become people who lack any sense of decorum and empathy. Any sense of significance and knowledge that our actions speak for themselves. is running a picture of Obama,David Cameron and Thorning-Schmidt, heads close together, snapping a Selfie with Mrs Obama on the side looking straight ahead with eyes that promise ‘Double-Wahala’ later and amazingly pursed lips that make me wonder if her lips do their own sit-ups.

I wouldn’t like to be Barack Obama in bed tonight.



One thought on “Thanks but No Thanks Barack Obama!”

  1. As much as i will like to decry obama’s act at such a sensitive moment like Mandiba’s memorial service, taking into account what the man stands for, i will simply conclude that even in the oddest of times, our priorities are different hence the trueness to the yoruba adage,#enikan lo mo!


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