24 Must-Dos Before I Die

People like Candy Chang inspire me to be better and remind me that it’s o.k to just be!

To follow your heart. And i know that’s easier said than done and that it gets harder with every passing year. Try telling your husband you want to go backpacking around Europe and you go hear am for sure. Candy Chang’s project explores the individual need for achievement and how sudden death can be. It brought clarity to her and her experiment is now a reminder of how fleeting life is. it brought people who wrote about dreams, longings and wishes that will make you laugh or cry or both. So I’ve compiled a list of Must-Dos before I cross over.

Tasks to accomplish before I die:

  • Go to Vegas with my naughtiest friends
  • Write on the Before I die Board in New Orleans
  • Be someone’s Chief Bridesmaid
  • See an actual Water birth
  • Meeting Michelle Obama
  • A Visit to Olumo Rock(because it’s totally ridiculous that I haven’t)
  • Thrift shopping in the backstreets of France
  • Coauthoring a How-to book
  • Showing Baby C my roots in Ondo State
  • Partnering with a women’s rights NGO 
  • Holidaying in Switzerland
  • Learning to Ski
  • Learning to bake a cake and fry Akara that won’t be flat
  • Writing and publishing a Motherhood Memoir
  • Taking a tasteful Nudie while I’m preggers
  • Hanging it in my living Room for my Grandkids to marvel at
  • Joining a band(even if I’m just humming in the back)
  • Running my own company
  • Go to a taping of Wendy Williams’ show
  • Live in at least 10 countries for a period of one year in each
  • Visit all 50 states and 20 countries (Current Tally: 23 states, 10 countries)
  • Acting in a stage play that’s really dramatic and is very Nigerian
  • Finding my inner Lady
  • Learning to use a gun
  • Competing in a pageant
  • Hosting a radio show
  • Climbing Mount Rushmore
  • Fall in love with myself

Would love to see your Must-Do list. Feel free to include a link to this post and tag me too.



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