To Quit – Manuscript Hoarding

manuscript hoarding

Happy Thanksgiving, November et al.

Thankfully I do not have any basting plans this year as we have marked our own Thanksgiving holiday here in Korea. it’s not exactly Thanksgiving though, it’s called Chuseok and celebrates a good harvest season during the fall. Everyone travels to see family and there’s loadddds of sales, gift giving and rice wine.

See! Just like Thanksgiving (but no Black Friday, that would be asking for too much)

Happy one more month to Year’s end. Do you have a To-Quit list? I didn’t until a few months ago, thanks to Cordelia of Cordelia Quits

To-Quit lists lists are awesome (except when its not going so well) but the greatest part of it is , come January, i won’t have to make new year resolutions at all. i just keep up with my list. Seriously though, you should follow my lead ): New year resolutions come with too much guilt. Too much guilt makes you pry Baskin Robbins Strawberry Ice Cream cake out of the freezer with cooking prongs. Ice cream cake will earn you an extra 10 pounds and life will keep getting dimmer through the view from between your chubby eyelids.

Believe me, I know.

Anyhoo, today’s To-Quit is… ding ding ding…Manuscript Hoarding! (Did I hear Mr. H sighing?)

Everyone else who knows me is probably sighing too.

I’ve been guilty of it M.H for as long as i can remember. Writing stories for submissions, finishing up, chickening out and hoarding them. it’s really uncool. in fact its downright cowardly! There I said it!

And it needs to stop. i need to quit manuscript hoarding. I did some soul searching and i think this hoarding business is a mechanism I’ve developed to avoid rejection, which is absurd because I ought to be used to all that by now. It comes with the territory if you’re a writer,artist,artiste or any of the other creative kinds. Rejection and Constructive criticism have their uses and can impact positively as well. I’m not talking about haters. That’s totally different.

So I Biodun Adebiyi, will work To-Quit Manuscript Hoarding, so help me WordPress….

I’ll probably regret this post in the morning because my To-Quit posts are a bit like Oaths, of an online nature. Next thing you know, people will start calling me out for hoarding,self-sabotage or the likes…

Oh Gawwwd! What have I done?

4 thoughts on “To Quit – Manuscript Hoarding”

  1. And i so know you are lying especially as you have your fingers crossed even while typing *smh* however you have made progress you have successfully pushed out one ‘My 1st Mugshot’


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