Music that Moves Me – Motherland by Sound Sultan

I am absolutely sold on Motherland’s organic sound and the genius way Sound Sultan makes every word so meaningful. I’ve always admired him as an artiste because I feel we are both unable to tear ourselves away from the country’s ills. I don’t know about him but sometimes I want to.

I want to stop been angry about the Stella Oduahs of Nigeria. I want to chuck it up, turn off the computer and say ‘There are worse places to live.’ but I can’t and believe me, I’ve tried. Motherland ought to be about 7 or 8 years old now (forgive me if i’m mistaken) but it still rings just as true.

In one word, I would describe it as Political and in another, Nostalgic. Nostalgic for me because I don’t live in Nigeria and there’s no place like home. Political because it manages to pinpoint the seriousness of the brain drain in the Motherland. When Sound Sultan wrote that song, people were going to the US/UK as stowaways in ships, selling everything to get out of Nigeria for a better life, ingesting wraps of cocaine in exchange for their passage, marrying old women to gain papers and using fake passports. Many were dying in the process.

Nothing has changed.

So I wish for a Nigeria that realizes its greatest resource isn’t crude oil but her people. A country with a government that gives a hoot what the people think. A nation where Shame makes a comeback and politicians know when to bow out. A place where it’s worth queuing out in the sun to vote because it will actually count.

Motherland isn’t a song that makes me want to rock out and that’s alright because sometimes its necessary to reflect. There’s nothing special about my dreams. Right now, a million and one other Nigerians are probably having the same dreams. Good for them!

It’s easier to stop wishing, to fold your hands and watch or even join in. Or as Sound Sultan does, remind everyone that our dreams are the only things keeping our hopes alive and once that’s gone, we are finished. We might as well email aliens to swoop in on their UFOs and take over our bodies, or whatever it is that aliens do.

P.S: I wish Motherland could get a new video though…all this wishing is making me hungry.


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