Lunch with the Ladies

Did lunch with the ladies at the It Place in Yeongtong. been a while since I’ve done that since the whole teeth/diarrhea,fever incidents. Before then there was an afternoon at Pizza Hut which I politely declined even though I lay in my bed depressed and the ghost of Chicken Barbecue haunted the hallowed halls of my apartment. this whole diet thingy! how do people handle this stuff anyway… Nothing kills your self confidence like dieting. you skip through the years telling yourself that you are beautiful, strong and confident and then you can’t even stick to a diet plan for one week.

I’ve included a Pie Chart of how I spend my Lunch dates these days.


Lunch ended well, thanks to my Korean Tutor, Susannah. Susannah, TUTOR EXTRAORDINAIREShe’s a freelance tutor , multilingual and works with great organizations and private individuals. She’s got terrific style. Very Rihanna meets Alexa Chung. I feel inclined to gush about because there are days i get to class and hit the Snooze button and she’s cool  about it. 

She’s also a great conversationalist and somehow got all the ladies recounting how their husbands proposed. Heard other accounts and all I can say is men all over the world are getting this Romance thing down pat! So I shared my story. Mr. H proposed some months after we met and I asked him if he would take 3 weeks off to think about it before making up his mind. I will never forget the way he looked at me.

I did feel a little crazy afterwards because I gathered that I should have screamed YES or started crying! But as usual, I was thinking of the worst things that could happen. like if I gave him my heart and he broke it or if he left me standing at the altar, Christina Yang style while he’s off on a Honeymoon for 1.

Anyway he said o.k to thinking about it for 3 weeks and came back a week later and refused to think for two more weeks. It was the sweetest thing.

Speaking of proposals, don’t you just worry when you see a guy break out a ring on a date with a girl in a restaurant and then everyone is looking and then she says Yes.

That’s exactly it, SHE HAS TO SAY YES! She’s not going to say ”sorry buddy, not buying it” when a dozen people are watching, slurring Awww into their drinks and there’s a Mariachi band in the corner!

If you’re not 100% sure she/he is ready to take the Big M step then you might want to take the drama down a few notches. Get  A Thousand Years straining in the background of your room as you whisper promises of undying love and your proposal!

And don’t forget to keep the blinds closed.

Spent all of yesterday shopping in Gangnam. Awesomest place to max out.

Will post about it this week.


P.S: Who saw Heidi Klum’s halloween costume?



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