NaNoWriMo, November and Novels

There's no Time like the Present
There’s no Time like the Present


There’s nothing quite like waking up, finding yourself in November and puking at the thought of all the TO-DOs you haven’t done.

It’s also the first day of NaNoWriMo and even though the term seems awfully similar to what you would imagine a fierce Native Indian warrior screaming as he plunges a spear through the heart of his enemy, It is actually the perfect opportunity to write that novel.

Or the thought of the novel.

So even though I just finished MY FIRST MUGSHOT, a book of short stories that will hit e-shelves very soon, I’ve decided to take the challenge!

30 days. 50,000 words. Gorging on Pizza at 2 am. Bouncing Character ideas off Baby C. And going completely crazy. Again.

Sounds scary but is totally doable and maybe if I think Doable enough, i might achieve it.

Scratch that! I will achieve it. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.

And whenever Giving Up seems like an option, I’ll reread Jennifer Bresnick’s Blogpost She seems so put-together about it.
And even though writing has to be the loneliest of professions (cos even undertakers have company , dead or not), you can join other participants on, blog about your progress and share excerpts from your work.

I truly believe it will be an awesome experience this year even though I might have lost my TV by the end of it since Baby C’s sole mission is to bring the electronic babysitter crashing to the floor when I’m not looking

(Yup, he’s at that point.)

Find out what others are saying about this awesome challenge and don’t forget to LIKE NaNoWriMo on FB.

The world needs your novel….they just don’t know it yet!


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